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Friday, 29 April 2011

A glimpse of Prince William and Kate's royal wedding

A final walk after their wedding vows inside Westminster Abbey, London, UK
The first kiss happened at Buckingham Palace Balcony
Finally, the second kiss of the newly-wed couple which brought the crowd to cheers!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Performing Arts: A new trend why I travel around...

ONE OF THE OTHER THINGS I ENJOYED TRAVELLING IS WATCHING LIVE PERFORMANCES. During the past years, I already watched more than a couple of dozens of live events and theatrical productions - from West End to Broadway, from the Cultural Center of the Philippines in Manila to the Grand Opera House in Belfast.

Aside from visiting museums, monuments, heritage sites or places with tourist interest, I do love to attend or watch musicals, festivals and concerts. This is another way of embracing the beauty of travelling thru performing arts which allows tourists, travellers and the like to experience the host's art and culture - showcasing real talents of the locals and to some extent our very own Filipino performers.

Some of these musicals that I watched in the past include: Miss Saigon, Phantom of Opera, Titanic, West Side Story, Footloose, Sound of Music, Les Miserables, Billy Elliot, and live performances include: Enrique Iglesias concert, Blue concert, Michael Learns to Rock, WestLife, BackStreet Boys, U2, Kylie Minogue, etc.

BILLY ELLIOT. One of the best and entertaining musicals ever that Ive watched in West End. The choreography, the cast, the music and of course the talented portrayal of Leon Cooke as Billy. An adaptation from the film of the same title, a story of the young boy who wants to make a difference and making his life meaningful at the end. Determination and support from parents are the key to success, regardless of hardships and trials. Leon Cooke was playing as Billy when I watched in 2007.

LES MISERABLES. I had the chance to watch this one of the longest running musicals in West End last September 2007. Unfortunatetly, it was not Lea Salonga playing Eponine. The production was great - from backdraft to stage set-up! There is always a good reason to watch it again in West End or Broadway! The clip is featuring Lea singing, On My Own. Very moving scene.

MISS SAIGON. Filipino artists around the world are the priceless possession of my home country, Philippines as my history books says as the Pearl of the Orient Sea! One of them is Lea Salonga. I had the chance to watch her in CCP for her portrayal as Kim for the long running musical, Miss Saigon. And then, I watched the musical again in 2006 when the UK production did their British tour in Northern Ireland. I was really proud because the main cast, including The Engineer, and the dancers were Filipino talents. Brilliant production from Cameron!

Overall, if I will be given another chance to watched these performances, Im looking forward to enjoy the productions of Miss Saigon, Billy Elliot and Phantom of Opera. I'm also looking forward to watching one of the longest running musicals, The Lion King.

Note: For more additional information about these live productions, visit my other blogsite, Play-Musical-Concert which also provide my personal reviews of these performances, including clips/videos courtesy of Youtube.

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