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Sunday, 25 September 2011

A moment in time - with the beautiful ladies

INSPIRED BY ONE OF THE BLOGGERS, this is sharing my special moment, a time to reflect of the rare moments in the past, something special or extraordinary that I wanted to share with my readers.

Some people are really lucky to have beautiful bodies, and with talents as well. I had the chance to meet the reigning Miss Philippines- Universe 2011, Shamcey Supsup during our alumni homecoming last May 2011. Her mother is one of the alumni of my postgrad university, Asian Institute of Technology. She was invited by her mother to be the guest in our raffle draw promo. Shamcey was also chosen as the 3rd runner-up in the recent Miss Universe 2011 held San Paolo, Brazil last 12 May 2011.

Another beauty is the 2010 Miss World, Ms. Sandra Mills from USA. I was in PICC for the regular Sunday church service when I met this tall, slim beauty holder. She was there in the preparation for this year's Miss World Philippines pageant where she is one of the guests of the show held last weekend (September 18).

These are rare moments with the beautiful people... But remember that being beautiful or gorgeous is not based in our physical appearance alone, our inner personality also counts. We are beautiful people in our very own special way!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

My homecoming... a new local travel opportunity

THIS IS MY FIRST JOURNAL AFTER MY return to my home country, the Philippines last May 2011. After 5 years living abroad, I decided to go back to Manila and continue to practice my profession in the protection, conservation and preservation (even utilization in a sustainable way) of the country's natural resources.

I joined an American firm that provides consulting services in various sectors: mining, construction, real estate, government, etc. For the past three months, I have already involved in different projects that focus on mining exploration, watershed management, water and air quality monitoring, water and waste utilization.

I already toured around Metro Manila and its neighbouring towns and cities. Visiting the Philippine islands is exciting - meeting with interesting people; encountering new culture; exploring stunning landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes; watching live entertainment events/shows; and most importantly reconnecting with relatives and old friends!

My current officework entails travels to other regions in the country and I will feature some of them in my future journals. Expect more images of my local travels!

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