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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Discovering Calatagan (Batangas)...I found Stilts Beach Resort

PART OF MY OFFICE WORK is to engage with other employees. In the corporate world, it refers to Employee Engagement (EE) which provides programs that allow employees to take part and share their time, skills and other resources to have fun and to help other people who are in need (particularly in time of natural disasters). My present work entails organizing events and activities that make employees enjoy their jobs or have time to relax and mingle, interact with other employees (not within their unit/department or business line).

Two weeks ago, together with the EE core team, we visited several resorts in the south of Metro Manila. One of them is situated at the south-western side of Taal Volcano - Calatagan, Batangas. It takes 3.5 hours to reach the place via the curvy-scenic roads from Tagaytay area - overlooking the stillness landscape of beautiful volcano, Taal Volcano and surrounded by a lake!

Unexpectedly, the place is so beautiful as our eyes looking straight to the crystal clear greenish water where the cottages are standing! Stunning and perfect scenery for people who reside in Metro Manila. This is a perfect place for the employees, just to spend overnight and enjoy the company of others thru team building activities. I dont know if the guests have time to sleep, as the place is really inviting to stay awake all the time, not to miss the white sand and the star fish ready to be touched just few steps away from the coast!

STILTS (Calatagan Beach Resort) is the name of the beach resort. Originally, the resort is not accessible to everyone - which means that it is exclusive for members. With the present management, it is invitational and no "walk-in" guests. I really admire the way the place is operated and maintained... with the amenities and its natural landscape, definitely a place to be discovered and explored!

If our corporate outing will be approved, definitely visiting the beach resort in March 2012 will be something to be remembered - another travelling experience to be treasured and shared in my blogsite. So, for those travellers out there, there is no reason not to miss this resort in Calatagan while visiting Manila especially this summer.

INSTEAD OF VISITING the busy coasts of Boracay and El Nido (Palawan), stay in Stilts and you can still enjoy your vacation without really travelling far from Manila!

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