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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

2014 and moving forward

WOW! ITS BEEN MORE THAN A YEAR that I did not post travel stories in my blog. It does not mean that I did not travel in 2014. It is just that I was busy with other things especially with work. Well, I do travel and regularly post in my mother portal site (My world is getting smaller every day).

So, what happened to me in 2014? This was the time that I joined a government organization after 8 months of no regular job. Not really jobless, I have my parttime teaching load at the university and it fully occupied my time. My job until now provided the opportunity to visit my hometown in Sibuyan Island (Romblon), including other islands in the country. My job also offers local trips in Metro Manila and nearby urban centers, including attendance to special events in the metropolis.

One of the highlights of last year was my unexpected trips to the capital town of Romblon as well as my hometown, Sibuyan (together with the Miss Earth 2014 winners).
Aside from Romblon, we had the office staff's team building in Pamalayan, Mindoro with more than 100 participants. We also visited interesting nature attractions such as water falls, carabao riding and crossing several rivers. It was a tiring but fun experience.

I also started learning the art of floating on waves in San Juan (La Union), and the educational tour in the biggest mixed-use theater in the world, The Philippine Arena (Bulacan) with my students.

Towards the end of 2014, I attended the AIT Alumni Grand Reunion in De La Salle University and the General Meeting held in Pan Pacific Plaza Hotel. It coincided with the 55th anniversary celebration of the Institute in providing post graduate degrees in Asia and hundreds of Filipinos benefited from it. For the third time, I met again the former Philippine President, Fidel V. Ramos. Former Pres was the guest speaker and donated some of his latest books to the organization.

By the first month of 2015, the Philippines was fortunate to have Pope Francis for five days that inspire Filipinos more to strengthen their faith in God. I do have my personal close encounter with the Pope - so close but yet so far! Indeed, a rare opportunity to see Him in person and received his blessing.

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