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Saturday, 22 December 2007

Day (3): A visit to the University of Toronto Library at Robarts Building

We left the house today at 620am catching the train for the city. Again, along the way, we talked again about our work, family and our future plans. Arriving the city almost 7am and it is still dark, where tall buildings were still lighted and the street lights guided our way to my cousin's office at Room 500. I took some photos of the buildings, including CN Tower and also shots in the front desk area of my cousin's office.

I finally left the building, and decided to walk (instead of taking the subway) towards University Avenue heading to University of Toronto. Hardened snow is everywhere and I always careful for my steps not to slip my shoes over the snow. Almost 30 minutes of walking and I asked several people for the exact location of the main library at St George Street.

Along the way, I also took the chance to take photographs of the buildings along the main road, and also when I finally reached the library at Robart's building, I took my camera from my pocket quietly and quickly took shots in the interior of the building. The design of the building is interesting, especially to find out that the building has 13th Floor which is unusual for buildings. Well, maybe Canadian people don’t believe the bad reputation of number 13. I roamed around the building after I got my pass from the information desk.

While enjoying the ambience inside the building, I did not notice that my pass was lost until I had my quick meal at the canteen. Well, again I always talk to the strangers! I noticed the lady watching me while I took a shot of Starbucks store inside the canteen. She might be curious why Im taking a photograph inside a canteen. With my little ESP talent, I quickly faced her and talked to her. She nicely responded and finally joined in my table. I found out that she works with the library since 1970s. Gabriela originally came from Chile and she works now with the Public Affairs office of the library. I also found out that the newsletter that I was reading while sipping my hot chocolate was her work being the Editor of the publication. It was funny because she was also confident to say I came from the Philippines of my surname! You know what, I finally found out that my library pass missing! Well, talking to a stranger has save my day! … she left the table and shortly she left carrying a piece of paper – the library pass. She explained that the information desk is strict for issuing another pass, so she signed the new pass after I showed to her my university ID! I always believe that I met this very nice lady because for a reason – I lost my pass and she will give me another one not to avoid embarrassment if I will get a new one from the information desk.

Back to my main reason of visiting the library, I successfully able to locate the books that I want to read and spent 13 dollars to have some pages to be photocopied. I did mistake of using the photocopier machine which few pages where spoiled at 15 cents each!!! Anyway, I was happy because I did some shots inside the restricted floors where the floors are kept. Believe me, I thought my university library back in Brisbane (Thailand) was the biggest library I visited, but this library is the 4th largest bookkeeper in North America, or maybe one of the largest libraries in the world. The only difference is that it has floor number 13 where books are also found!

I finally left the library at 330pm after I received a call from my cousin that we will meet at her office building at 4pm. It was lovely day spending time with books and with the rest of people who love to learn new things!

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