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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Corregidor Island: Remembering the past

Prior to WW2, the island served as a penal institution and a fortress of defense as well as a customs station during the Spanish era. Its name derived from the Spanish word, corregir which means "to correct". Situated 48 kilometres away from Manila City, Corregidor became the American military camp during the war with an underground complex, the Malinta Tunnel which contains a network of 24 laterals including a hospital, sleeping quarters and administrative offices.

The island is divided into 3 main sections: topside, middleside and bottomside. The topside is the location of the major ruins: batteries, offices, shops, headquarters and entertainment facilities. The middleside is used for barracks, hospital, schoolhouses and officers quarters. This section is also the site where youths campsite and YMCA were built. The bottomside has the three piers and the underground complex, the Malinta Tunnel.

At present time, there are several memorial landmarks constructed as the main attractions of the island. A daily transport is available to reach the island. SUN CRUISES offers a package tour for 1,999 pesos (29 sterling pounds, 44 US dollars), inclusive of the ferry ticket, guided tour and a buffet lunch.


cdokay said...

This is the place where I really want to visit! Cagayan de Oro rafting

Reymos said...

Indeed, Corregidor is a must-see attraction while visiting Manila. With the buffet lunch and guided tour, it is really enjoyable to do. I plan to stay overnight in the future.

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