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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Featured Travel Blogger: Nelieta believes that all journeys have secret destinations

I AM HAPPY TO INTRODUCE TO YOU my first featured travel blogger from Argentina. Her name is Nelieta and originally came from South Africa. Her travelling adventures started when she was a teenager and when her parents bought a caravan. Every year, together with her parents take a family vacation to some exotic destinations. But over the years the little explorer inside her was dying a slow death because of other personal commitments. Eventually, she promised herself that she was going to see the world and nothing was going to stop her.

Now, here she is, Nelieta will allow us to discover herself as a travel blogger and maybe we can ask her some questions as she embark a new life in Argentina!

Q1: How many times you travel a year? Whenever I get the opportunity.

Q2: Do you stay in your home country (locally) or do you go abroad/overseas? We started a business about 2 years ago which makes travelling abroad a little difficult. With the current economic climate it is also very expensive to travel abroad. I took one overseas trip last year and a couple of trips locally. They are both satisfying but if I could choose I would definitely travel abroad.

Q3: Do you organize your holidays yourself or do you go to a travel agency? I organize everything myself and that includes flight tickets. In the beginning of my travel I did make use of Travel agents.

Q4: Do you prepare your holidays in advance by reading guide books and onlinetravel sites? I do prepare for my holidays in advance by reading guidebooks and reviews. But I also like to experience the moment. I find that by reading reviews you form an opinion in your subconscious and often disappointment sets in. However when I travelled to Russia I used the last method and afterwards I wished that I have read more about the culture, people and the country.

Q5: Do you travel alone/with family or friends/with an organized group? I did use organized groups in the beginning when I just started to travel. As I travelled more I became more daring and moved on to individual tours.Then I started to do things on my own. It is very limiting to travel with family or friends especially if they don't share the same interests. Now I travel with my husband and we have such a good time together because we like the same things.

Q6: Do you prefer the beach/islands/countryside/cities as destinations? I like all holiday destinations.

Q7: Do you mainly relax or are you an active holiday traveller? I am an active holiday traveller. I love to explore places.

Q8: If you go abroad do you learn at least some words of the foreignlanguage? It is always important to learn a couple of basic words. People appreciate it when you try to say something in their own language even if the pronunciation is terrible.

Q9: Are you interested in the cuisine/food of a foreign country? Yes but I am not a cuisine fanatic. I would much rather spend more time taking photos than in a restaurant trying new food.

Q10: Which mode/means of transportation do you prefer? I use all kinds of transport. It is fun and a good way to explore the city.

Q11: What kind of luggage do you take with you? Have you got problems packing? I always have a problem with too much luggage. I don't pack a lot of clothes but I always take my camera bag , laptop and a book or two. This is already too much!

Q12: Do you send picture postcards to your family and friends? No, but I often buy postcards especially where I am not allowed to take pictures, like some museums.

Q13: What kind of souvenirs do you normally keep during your travels? I collect fridge magnets. I always try to find something that will trigger my memory when I look at it.

Q14: Does your blogging experience or having a travel blog help you in yourtravels? My travel blog is a personal recollection of my travel experiences over the years. I have always kept a travel journal and it helped me a lot when I started to write my blog. My travel experiences have given me a lot of self confidence and I am not scared to hop on a plane and explore a new country on my own. I realize that I am capable of doing anything.

Q15: Have you met someone or individuals through your travel blog? No but I would love to meet some of the people who are following my blog.

"People often ask me how I choose my next destination. I don't, I answer them, it chooses me" - Nelieta

NOTE: Nelieta also operates a modest hostel accommodation in Argentina. The hostel has new, modern and spacious rooms, inclusive of ensuite bathrooms and hot water. Bedding and linen are also provided. The hostel has a magnificent view of the mountains, and during the nights the sky when it is crystal clear, you can almost pick the stars from the heaven. To find out more, CLICK HERE.


Hostel Tinktinkie, Santa Rosa de Calamuchita said...

Hi Rey, thank you so much for letting me make a guest appearance on your blog! You have done an excellent job and I think the entry speaks for itself.

I hope people will enjoy reading about my past and future travel experiences.

Once again, thank YOU!

Reymos said...

Nelieta, this is my simple way to acknowledge travel bloggers around the world of their hardwork and dedication to maintain a blog where they share their travel experiences. Sharing travel experiences online is priceless that you cannot buy or find in a book. Cheers!

Debra said...

Hi Reymos,love your interview with Nelieta, and your site. That photo in Ireland is beautiful. Where was it taken?

Reymos said...

@Debra...thanks for dropping by. Yeah, it is nice to know other travel bloggers. Speaking of the photo, you're right, it was taken in the northern part of Ireland. Giant's Causeway is one of the UNESCO heritage sites and it is indeed a must-see attraction while visiting Northern Ireland.

alejandro guzman said...

I got to peek on Nelieta's past and her future.

Cheers Reymos

Reymos said...

@Alejandro, thanks for visiting and Im also delighted to know Nelieta's travelling adventures. I tried to visit your site but it seems that I could not access it properly. I will try again to read some of your posts.

Mary said...

I think it is just wonderful that you have had the opportunity to travel the world, and I thank you for sharing your wonderful stories and photos. As much as I would love to travel, I know what my limitations are. I'm glad I am part of your blog and see places through your eyes that I will never see with mine.

Reymos said...

@Mary...thanks for the lovely comment for Nelieta adventures. Im sure, she is happy to share more of her future destinations.

Martina Jolie said...

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