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Monday, 9 November 2009

Ulster Museum... the window on our living world

This is a much-awaited reopening of the refurbished Ulster Museum after £17 million facelift. In a span of three years since it was closed in the late of 2005, Ulster Museum is officially opened to the public in November 2009 showcasing its extensive collections, including its modern spacious 23-metre high atrium area, and impressive airy walkways and galleries.

Five important things/objects to see inside the museum: (1) TAKABUTI - Over two thousand five hundred years ago, this lady was a mistress of an important house near Thebes in Egypt. Her mummy was first revealed to the public in 1835 and became one of the museum's popular treasures. (2) ST PATRICK REGALIA - The Order of St. Patrick was established in 1783 and membership was used to reward the Irish nobility for their loyalty to the Crown. The collar on dislay contains seven roses joined by fourteen knots to six harps, all gold and once worn by the Earl of Shaftesbury. (3) SALAMANDER - This winged lizard of gold inset with rubies is only one piece from the 16th century jewellery collection recovered from the Spanish Armada galleas, Girona; and which was believed that the salamander could put out and survive the fire - a powerful good luck charm on a wooden fiting ship. (4) ANCIENT SEA FLOOR - snapshots of the fossil ammonite shells and driftwoord dating back 200 million years. (5) BANN DISC - a beautifully decorated bronze disc dredged from the River Bann is considered to be one of the finest examples of Celtic design in the Iron age period.

Ulster Museum provides more excitement with its added interactive exhibits - discover history, discover nature and discover art which provide children and adults the opportunities to have a closer look of the collections and to extend everyone's knowledge through hands-on interaction.

Its opening hours: Tuesdays - Sundays: 10am to 5pm; Mondays - closed. Admission is FREE. Visit the website: http://www.nmni.com/ or call +44 028 90428 428.


bw said...

beautiful pics.. I always like museums, especially the big ones - they're a photbug's treat :)

Macks said...

Hello, I was checking out your website and it looks pretty amazing. I am a pinay also, from Baguio City, been home a few times but never went anywhere but my hometown to visit family. This time I am bringing my family home with me again but wanna visit the Batangas area, and do some snorkeling and visit some other sites. Please give me an idea of where to go and what to do...Thanks!

Reymos said...

You can check this link for Eagle Point Resort in Batangas.

Eagle Point Batangas

You can also try Puerto Galera's Coral Garden. Accommodation and boat ride are more cheaper than Eagle Point, but Eagle Point has a wider area for snorkeling.

Coral Garden

Good luck!

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