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Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Days 5, 6 and 7: Shopping and Xmas Eve Celebration

We arrived Durham past 6am after we lost our way for almost an hour. We were really tired and we had a quick breakfast and went for a nap.

My friend is my former primary teacher's daughter and she is now married with 2 wonderful kids. She is a nurse and her husband as well. It was a reunion as well and meeting her and the family, including her youngest sister who also works as a nurse was a delight. We talked alot and shared stories about simple things that happened in our lives during the past years, even our high school days.

As usual, we went shopping in the Southpoint mall, 20 minutes away from my friend's house. I immediately proceeded to Abercrombie for sale times. I was lucky to get a polo shirt at $12.90+tax at boys section of the store! I also grabbed an X-large jogging pants at $34+tax which is less 50% from the adults pants. Sometimes it is cheaper to have a slimmer built to shop in boys/teens store. I cant find a XX-large in the boys section, I went to the older sizes and grabbed 3 shirts (£25+tax), including 2 pairs of discounted slippers at £13+tax. Abercrombie is always my fav store every time I visit the US.

Later on, we went to another outlet and we bought some toys for the kids at the Toys R Us store. The shop is really a joy for kids where you could different shapes, sizes, bright colours of toys! More shopping bags when we left the outlet!

On the 24th Dec, we attended the mass in the morning and we had short trip in some part of the town, including the popular Duke University. I joined my friend's sister to pick-up her husband from the airport in the early evening. Santa Claus was there to distribute the gifts for the kids! Unknowingly, after the kids were requested to stay inside their bedrooms, the parents were busy sorting out the gifts and placed it outside the main door of the house, pretending that Santa Claus dropped it for the kids... As usual, after the kids opened their presence, the older ones also exchanged gifts. Eventually, we had our group pictures and of course the Noche Buena - full of Pinoy delicacies on the table!

It was a busy day but full of fun and merry making...

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